Desirables: March 2016 Wants

It’s the first of the month, which usually means I put out some ridiculous list of things I wish would appear in my possession. Beautiful gowns, too expensive heels, jewelry that will never grace my skin. This time, like almost any other March that rolls around, I change things up a bit and post some items that are actually achievable.

Some of these things may be what I’ve had my eyes on for some time now, some of these I’ll get, some I’ll still be hoping for in the future, but a start is somewhere to begin.

I think we all know how much of a camera whore I am, I have so many lenses that I barely even touch (which I’m currently trying to sell), but this Canon ef-s 18-200mm just may be the everyday lens I’ve been looking for. It’s one of the priciest items on my list coming up to almost $500, but a girl can dream right? I’ll just leave that one on the back burner when I find myself with some extra cash laying around (like that ever happens).

Art supplies, I have my own little collection at home, but it’s time to refresh my materials. I want some bigger canvases, so I can stretch my arm out and have life size paintings. Most of my paint is getting pretty old at this point, and my paint brushes need new life… Hey, at this point if I get a gift card to Michael’s or Blicks I might just go bat crazy, picture me like at a supermarket sweep, throwing everything in my cart.

Ipad card reader. Instead of lugging my laptop around while traveling, my ipad is heaven sent. Even though my camera has wifi functions, I like to go old school and use wires, owning this would make picture editing a breeze.

What girl doesn’t love jewelry? I love yellow and rose gold, I think it looks great on any skin tone. This gold chain link septum ring needs to be mine, and give me all the rings that you have, my chunky fingers want them.

Though it’s not listed on my image, a folding bike. I have been itching to own one of these. Now that slowly and surely the weather will be getting warmer, I desperately need a set of wheels. I used to have such a cute pink bike when I used to live with my mother that I took everywhere. Now that I’m at a place with no backyard, I want something that will be easy to store underneath my bed.

Last but not least, the Hot Tools 3/8″ curling iron. I have the 1 inch rod, and it does the job for the moment, but sometimes my curls need a little help, especially at the ends. This size would be perfect for my tight ringlets.

I’m not much of a presents person when it comes to birthdays, I think this more of a way to list all of the things that I need to get for myself. But hey, whatever works for me.

♥, M

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