Blue Man Group

I spent the day getting pampered, hair done, nails done, everything did (Swizz Beats voice).

I was excited for tonight and at Chris’s first arrival, I had a feeling it was going to go downhill. See, it’s our anniversary and instead of having him guess and be disappointed, I reminded him and told him to make some plans. When he showed up at my door to pick me up, I was all dressed up and he had a face like he walked into the wrong place. Like any statistic of a man, he insisted that he didn’t hear me..great.

How stereotypical.I wasn’t even mad, is it worse that I secretly expected and made back up plans anyway?

Why should I have to stay at home and suffer when all I wanted was to have a good time with him?

So, Blue man Group it was. The show was quirky, awkward and funny, I like how interactive the performance was. We got some pizza after and called it an early night. Tomorrow, will be his night, and yes, this time he heard me.

♥, M


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