Q&A: What do you always avoid?

Lectures, at any age, nobody likes hearing them. Sometimes we think we know it all, then we make our mistakes and hate when others correct us on it. 
I for one have made many mistakes in my life and I like to think that I learn from them in my own pace. It may not be right at the moment, tomorrow or a month from now, but many times I look back and think to myself, “what the fuck was I thinking?”. 
Which comes to where the question lands, what do I always avoid? 
The confrontation, the awkward sitting down and having someone else tell me how things could have gone differently if I had made alterior choices. So many times I just exist there, rolling my eyes, and nodding with a “yes, I know” or an innocently “it won’t happen again.”
That doesn’t mean I’m not listening, and it doesn’t mean I don’t agree with you, it just simply means, everything you’re telling me now, my self conscious has kept up with reality. I am good, and eve though my actions may not always show it, I’m smart, I’m just a work in progress. 
Love, M.

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