Art Show: Fillin Global

Before I met up with Ashley for Claw’s Art show, she told me took a wrong turn and noticed there was another gallery  right up the block, like I was going to say no. She chugged down her beer while we caught up on gossip, and headed right out to the Fillin Global show.

When we walked in, the bouncer asked if we were on the guest list… umm, no.

“So you girls just walked in?”  I flash a smile, “yes.” He responds with a startled ” Oh, okay then, can I see some id?”

Wow, first time I’ve ever been to a show (and I’ve been to many) where I was stopped right at the door with a huge confusion. He was sweet though and let us walk right in and explore the exhibit.

I fell in love with Angela China‘s series of “Gum Shoe“, especially the piece with the lips and the candy heart that read “Stick it to me”.

Many other artist showcasing new work included Ghost, Pheck, Phetus, Stuart Fisher, Whisbe, Zso, and many more.
The next day we realized why our entrance seemed to be a bit weird, apparently the opening of the reception was the next day, and the night we just randomly walked in was only for a few vip guests, even though the place was packed. I think that explains why it seemed like everyone almost kind of knew each other.

Hey, I see it as we got an exclusive look before the public, haha!

If you would like to visit

Filling Global the exhibit is located on

98 Orchard Street, Monday through Sunday 12-6 PM until February 28th 2016

Until next time guys, M

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