Art Show: Claw at Max Fish


The name carries a reputation of it’s own. Claw has been one of my favorite females writers for quite some time now. Her infamous paw has seen many shutters and rooftops and are now part of something bigger, a shop on Delancey with everything from hoodies, to pins , beanies and much  more.

I dragged Ashley along with me to Max Fish, where she was exhibiting her work. I’ll have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I had the pleasure of meeting Claw about 2 years ago very shortly, and she was quite sweet. Not only did I not see her at this event, (I might have missed her) I felt there wasn’t enough of her work to go around, and the paintings that were exhibiting were so far up,  I didn’t have the satisfaction of getting close to the work, seeing the brushstrokes and  getting to play my little game of “what materials did they use and how?”.

I don’t regret going to the show and I’m sure when she has another one, I will be there, hopefully I’ll get the chance of getting a closer look.

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