Desirables : February 2016 Wants | Rose Gold Obsession

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I’ve been stuck in rose gold heaven lately. All I want is to switch over all my golden jewelry for the bronze hue. I’ve been going bat shit crazy on ebay looking for something that may spike my interest.

Now that we’re in February I’ve always dread everything and anything pink. Oh, how funny life is sometimes. (Last year’s February Wants) Now all I want to do is bathe myself in soft colors, anything that will take the roughness away from me. I want to be soft and pretty, like a lady..giggles.

Not that all ladies are soft, pretty and adorned in pink… you have to love those bad asses too.

Do yourself a favor, I’ll be doing myself a favor…

Someone once told me “I’m not getting you any flowers”.

Well, I can buy my own damn flowers, thank you!

There’s no need on waiting on a valentine, treat yourself.