Ethnic Laughter

I’ve been in a drought, all I’ve been doing is working lately. I needed to have some fun and girl dates have always been one of my go to’s. Better yet, hanging out with Oli was much needed, so this was happening.

Olivia was getting out of work around 6, so I had plenty of time to stop home pick up her Christmas present, and make my way over to St. Mark’s where we were meeting. I actually thought I was going to get there late because the train didn’t seem to be on my side, but luckily enough for me, we got there at the exact same time. Sweeeeeet.

We had some time to kill before our show started, so we walked into Taqueria, we had the most personable and cheery waitress, who talked to us about almost everything, especially tattoos.

She ordered some burritas which were apparently the female version of burritos because they were just tiny, and looked delicious. The house guacamole was delicious, and I ended up scooping most of it and stuffing it in my carne tacos.

Since I’ll be gone for her birthday, I wanted to spend some time with Oli, catching up, get margaritas, you know LIFE.
Show starts at 7pm, and I have never been to a comedy show before. Tonight was Oli’s pick and I was actually relieved that I didn’t have to plan anything this time since it’s so hectic at work.

St. Mark’s Underground theater had an array of personalities performing. The host Mark Lemme set up for the comedians. I’ll be honest, at first at was a little skeptical, and didn’t really think I was going to be laughing much. But some of these jokes were on point, and if I’m being brutally honest, which I would be, I had two favorite performers of the night. Marie Faustin and Derek Gaines. They were the only black performers but I personally felt like they were the most relatable. When the show was over, I gave props to the artists and Derek Gaines mentioned he was glad there was some ethnic laughter in the audience…yes..yes we were.

The white comedians (not that it had anything to do with race) we’re just a little  weird for my taste. Daniel Tirado was good, but the others were more on that loser pervy uncle you don’t invite to house get togethers anymore kinda vibe thing going. You know, the one who invites himself to everything in your fridge and gets walk in on your private conversations, but instead of j=walking away he just stops, stares and eats while listens..and nods slowly, while he sexually takes a bite of a drumstick….no? ok.

So…. great night, good laughs, and amazing company. Oli babygirl, I hope you get to enjoy your birthday, so sad that I won’t be here. Have plenty of drinks for the both us..kisses!



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