It’s almost time to pack

Work has been exhausting lately. Everything has been inventory and renovation, giving me almost no time to do anything fun. Now that I’m  only a few days from my trip, I’ve just been trying to stack up on spending money, and scratching my head on what the hell I should pack.

I have to say my list for packing has been completely different when I was packing for the Islands of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. I was thinking more tropical, so I had a lot of oranges and pinks to wear. This time, especially since Christopher and I decided to dutch and share one suitcase, I’m thinking minimal.

Neutrals are my go to for this trip, less packing,  more matching and I’m out the door. Here are a few things that are a must in my bag:Of course I have to carry my camera with me. Who would I be, if I didn’t carry my camera. I have a brown leather bookbag that would be perfect to carry all of my belongings in. Recently Maryann gave the gift of a olive canvas bag, that I think I might take with me, since it’s so much more spacious.

Since it’s going to be cold, I have to pack a coat, and many many cute chunky sweaters.

I know I’m going to be walking A LOT, but I can’t and hate walking in flats, so combat booties with a chunky heel will be my go to in the mornings, plus I’ll still get to look cute in pictures.

Enough ranting..I’ll see you guys soon.

Back to work!