Highlights Of My 2015

This year has been nothing short of amazing. There has been many ups and downs, but hey, that’s life!

I started off  my year with a bang, Oli was celebrating her birthday Gatsby style, which means we all got to dress up. I got to try Hibachi for the first time with Chris’s family. Chris and I took a 12 day trip away from the cold, enjoying Puerto Rico, we got to experience the Electronic Daisy Carnival, go paddle boarding en El Condado, visit the waterfall while hiking en El Yunque. We also went to Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, where I got to introduce him to my wonderful family and crazy cousins. We mostly got drunk and rode 4 wheelers, not to mention el festival where everyone dresses up as a devil and they hit you on the bottom with a balloon. Ouch!

I got to go to a couple of Basketball games courtesy of my dope boss, B. I got a few new tattoos, got to see Action Bronson perform and slam someone out of the stage. Went to the Poconos with my brother Kiki and his friends, where a alot of beer pong, and drunk twister was involved, we even got to snow tubing, so much fun.

Mother’s day was spent with Millie, Chris’s momma, where a full day at the spa was so much needed. Biking to Orchard beach with the little one Jeremy was exhausting, and many barbecues were extremely delicious.  I have plenty of dates with my girls, girl dates as I like to call them. So much wine, Ashley and I devoured a rose while I painted on her cast, while Nikki and I reminisced about high school with a nice bubbly. Olivia and I got to explore the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn and got caught in the rain, while Tanya and I rode the tram to Randall’s Island for the first time.

Coney Island’s Mermaid parade was filled with colors, and now that it was getting hot, many pool and beach days followed. I started prepping for an Art Show I was going to be a part of, and when the day finally arrived, I had such a great outcome, thank you guys!

I got to watch Tim Wicked perform, and Millie spoiled all of us with a trip to Atlantic City. It was my first time, and the pool party at Harrah’s was exhilarating. There was a lot of board walking and the sight was a nice escape from home. I’ve had many girl dates on rooftops, where we had crepes by the hot tub. I went ziplining, no matter how scared of the height I was, and loved it.

I’ve been golfing with friends. Visited Atlanta, Georgia where I attended a beer festival and got to see the strippers work their thing at Magic City. I got to see my uncle J.C. get married, threw yet, another Halloween party, and loved to see everyone get wasted.

I got to meet the newest addition to our family, my niece Khloe. Finally had an amazing Christmas with my family, and even got plastered in a winery in Long Island.

I’ve had an amazing year, surrounded by even better people. I think I’m pretty lucky, not only do I get have these wonderful memories, I have learned so much. I’m still learning so much. This year has been a blessing and I know 2016 will be even better. I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me!

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