Martha Clara’s Vineyard & Sparkling Pointe

I’m a huge hot mess, let’s start this post with that. Sometimes I act out and take things to levels that never need to be reached, but wait, I’ll start at the beginning. Chris’s friend Marcus has planned the triple date to end the year.

Marcus, Omar and Chris have been friends for about 8 years now, with countless stories attached to all the laughter that comes with it. Watching them catch up is always hilarious, and since they’re memories are so vivid, all you can do is picture yourself there, right along with them.

We drove up to Long Island where we also got to meet the women who are conjoined to them Massey and Erica. When we walked in to the house, Marcus and Massey had sandwiches and cocktail weenies waiting for us, which was much needed because I was starving. The discussing of calling them cocktail weenies VS pigs in a blanket was being debated, and soon enough we were walking out the door to head to our destination.Martha Clara’s Vineyard  was about 45 minutes deeper into Long Island, and according to Massey, the place gets pretty packed during the summer. Considering we arrived at their off season, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves, something I didn’t mind one bit.

Since Marcus and Massey are members, they already had three bottles of wine waiting for them at their appearance.

They were so savory.
We aimed for the bar, where we all had flights of more wine. Which basically meant we got glass after glass, tasting different variations.

I was already feeling the buzz, and you guys know how much I love wine.

After all the wine, it was only fair to get some champagne. We arrived at Sparkling Pointe and this place was more homier than the first place. We sat by the fireplace, which was so nice, relaxing and toasty.This is when thing got sour, especially on my behalf. I got so upset about a silly comment, I let the booze and my impatience take over. Let’s just say I should behave better in public. Of course, now sober, I regret it all, but I guess there’s not really much I can do about that  now is there?

Regardless of the way I ended the night, I do have to say, that I had a wonderful time. I’m hoping there will be a next time, and in the case there is, know that I’ll conduct myself in a mindful manner.

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