Mood Board No.12: Alex & Ani Obsessed

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Okay, I’m not jumping on the band wagon late, I just never really cared for it much, you know?

Alex and Ani bracelets are pretty damn popular and have been for some time now. I always saw people with them, and yes, I though they were pretty, but nothing so extreme that I wanted to shell out $40 for just one bracelet.

My boss recently gave me one for Christimas, (Thank you Dawn!) and I have to say I fell in love with it. Maybe it’s different when you actually have one for yourself.  Maybe it’s better when you receive it as a gift, especially since the person who picked it out, is telling you how they see you, personality wise.
Those charms aren’t on there just to look pretty. They all represent something different.

I was blessed with the Dragonfly, which is supposed to represent Grace, Change & Power.

It’s description reads:  Characterized by quick, sudden movements and a powerful wing stroke, the dragonfly uniquely changes direction on a whim. Symbolizing transition, the dragonfly has impeccable vision, which is a reminder to open one’s eyes to the beauty of life’s journey. Embrace the graceful energy of the dragonfly to live life to the fullest and to appreciate Mother Earth’s gifts.

Now that I have this beauty on my wrist as an every day accessory, it’s pretty obvious that these look better in bulk, all stacked up on your wrist. These are a few of my favorites that I felt represent myself , that I’m currently willing to take donations for!

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