Drink & Draw: On Wednesdays We Drink Wine

I’m going to start this entry with a ” I’m so fucking stupid…”

Moving on, you’ll soon start to realize why.
I haven’t seen Oli, since maybe our date at the pool, hm…lie. She came to my house after that where we caught up with wine. Wine is usually in play with our get together’s.

We were meeting after work, and I was busy scratching my head on what to possibly do.

When it comes to girl dates, I’m usually the one in charge, don’t ask me why. I like being the one to plan things, responsible for the good times, sometimes it’s tricky finding different things to do in the city.
Drink and Draw, it was perfect. According to the website, we were going to be offered wine and materials. According to Yelp, because you always have to check reviews, hahaha, it would be better if you B.Y.O.B. due to the fact that you don’t get much of it at this event.

So when Oli mentioned she came with 2 bottles and not just one, I was ready to jump for joy.
We showed up and the place was tiny, had chairs set up, there’s supplies and wine already set up in cups for every one to grab. The figure model was a pretty red head who stripped as soon as we were all ready to start drawing. She had her timer set up in intervals of 2 min, 5 minutes and then 10. Oli picked pencil, which explains why you can’t see any of her drawings, hahaha while I decided to go for charcoal, and that’s something we all know can get pretty messy.
I asked the host for a wine bottle opener, since Oli and I chugged our tiny cups so quickly. I struggled to open the bottle at first and was scared the cork would get stuck, but I got it.. and we started sipping away. It didn’t take long for us to be the loudest ones in the class. I think everyone hated us or were just a tad bit jealous that we had more booze. Maybe they should have thought ahead.
When our class was over, we were a little tipsy, more in fun that in actual inebriation. But when you’re in the moment, anything and everything is possible. I was taking photographs of Oli in front of a mural and a drunk guy starts conversation. At first he seemed innocent enough, and when he insisted on taking a picture of both Oli and I our night changed.
I simply told him, if you want to take a picture of us, you’ll have to give me something of collateral, give me cash, your ID and a sneaker. The sneaker was mostly for ridicule, because if you’re going to steal my camera, you’re going to be hopping away while you do it.

There was no way that I was going to hand off my precious, hard worked for equipment because I was too trusting. He actually handed me cash, his ID and I guess he realized what he was doing when I was waiting for the shoe.

It became this huge deal, and Oli was busy snapping away pictures in case things got out of hand, and I one point I was just like -fuck it-

We started to walk away, and that’s when all the rambling when on.

I had so many snapchat comments in the morning about how we had them cracking up it was insane. I’ll be posting the video in a few minutes, so stay tuned!