Thanks 2015

This Thanksgiving was pretty laid back compared to all the rest. I was expecting family at a table, dancing, laughing.

Christopher and I woke up at noon, hey, I barely get days off anymore, I’m sleeping in. We took over the kitchen with his mom. Millie was motivated, she was making turkey, stuffing, baked mac and cheese, sweet potato pies, potato salad..ooomg, I just drooled a bit typing that. Matt was in charge of the baked potatoes, while Chris bragged about his famous lasagna.

When the cooking was finally over, we headed upstairs to Madelyn’s house (Chris’s aunt) she had a huge buffet, and her ham is to die for.

Once I made an appearance at my parent’s, it seemed like any other day. My pops was making sandwiches, mother was chilling on the couch and my brothers were in the kitchen dissecting a nerf gun.

Modifying it, my brother Kiki insisted. Jeremy and I had our our fight, throwing darts at each other through out  the house.

When we got back it was stop number 3 at Frankie’s momma’s house. See this is what I’m talking about, everyone was eating together at the same table, cracking jokes and just simply being together. That’s what it’s all about.

I guess until I start making traditions of my own I can’t really complain much. I’ll tell you this, all of the food was amazing, and the people I got to spend time with was all that matters. Who cares if I didn’t get to dance?

I hope you all had a great holiday, you can take your “eating sweatpants” off now.

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