Q&A: Which friend did you last speak to?

I recently just had a long conversation with a friend that I would leave unnamed.

Does this count of the conversation wasn’t by voice, but by text message? I feel like that’s how we all communicate now an days anyway.

She’s going through a tough time with her love life, and I always have the hardest time shelling out advice. So I’ve learned not to. In many experiences, I have learned that whenever I was upset, I didn’t want someone telling me what to do, but just someone who will just listen and soak it all in, no judgement, just be there.

Liquor does help, though it’s not the answer, it’s more of a temporary elixir to numb the pain. Don’t we all need something like that once in a while?

I’ll be making a visit into my girl date soon, something I always wish I had when I was feeling upset, a distraction.


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