Nachos con Scarla

Sometime the nights that aren’t planned tend to be the most memorable. I mistakenly grabbed the wrong train home, which skipped my stop. And since I was so close to my aunt Scarla’s I decided to see what she was up to. She was showing an apartment and I got to join.

I love seeing her work, she’s so head strong and motivating. After the viewing, we headed to a small bar/restaurant that was over taken by many do karaoke. There must have been  a lot people there together, because most of the time the place was taken over by country music.

Scarla ordered some nachos, and I put her on to a piña colada with Bailey’s.

Thanks for the night out!

“Some people have love, others have social media”


This lovely couple were holding hands the entire time through out their meal, I’m so happy I got to capture this moment.

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