Halloween at Fitgi’s

This Halloween was all about house parties. Who needs to pay over priced tickets at a club and roam the streets, when you can drunk in the comfort of your own home? Fitgi, Ramon‘s girlfriend was throwing a party, which only meant Chris’s Teletubby suit was back on, and a wig that I haven’t used in forever was going to be put to good use.

I actually had my hair like a long time ago, and rocking the wig made me miss it a little. I know Chris enjoyed it, he kept look at me all funny the whole night. hehehe, I was loving the attention.

Talking about attention, Chris was definitely enjoying his share, everywhere we went everyone was going crazy with his choice for the festivities. He was turning heads.

We were pretty early,so we decided to chow down before all the drinking started.
Δ  Everyone dancing to Thriller  ΔDay 2 of Halloween was  pretty good,  the music was blasting, and I declared it a wine night.

Fitgi’s outfit as Queen Bee was so cute, especially since she mad the whole thing herself. Talk about impressive.Pia was in town and came dressed as a sexy nun. We were all pretty stoked to catch up.

I spent a little time with everyone and decided to call it an early night since I had work the next day. Since it was daylight savings time, everyone had an extra hour to party, and in my case, I had an extra hour to sleep.

I hope all of you had an amazing Halloween, I know I sure did.

Tell, me, what did you dress up as?

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