Q&A: How do you feel about your body?

Like I’ve mentioned before, I recently starting using a 5 year journal that I’ve had in my possession., and have left blank. Why? Who knows, not me.

This journal asks me a question every single day, and I  find it a great excuse to share with you guys. I know I have been a little distant with my blog, due to work. I think this is going to be great to keep myself posting.

Today”s Question:
I have never posted a nude photo of myself online, or anything close to super revealing, so this was something I knew had to be tastefully done. I actually shot this photograph of myself on my recent trip to Atlanta.

I, like many women have many self doubts and body image issues when it comes to my body. The media and society doesn’t always make that easy either. Beautiful women fall in to a bubble, long hair, nice full lips, a tiny waist, a small figure with an arched back and bubble butt to match.

Women have to be hairless, slim, fragile and look “natural” doing it.

Sounds exhausting.

I for one have a hate relationship with my chichos  (stomach rolls), I feel my arms are too big and my hair is not what I want it to look like. I do love my calves, and the dimple when I smile that makes me look evil is irreplaceable. My eyes are round yet chinky, and my boobs are perfect for whenever I decide to not wear a bra.

I see my ” what could be better” to “I appreciate what makes me, me”.

I know there’s plenty of room for improvement, and some time ago, I would look in the mirror and be disappointed, there were so many things I wanted to change and was so unhappy. I just didn’t feel pretty.

Now that I’m older, I’m finally in a state where I’m falling in love with myself. I see how beautiful I am, when my curls fall on my face, or whenever I smile a little too loudly, or even when I dance crazy in boxers and a bra.

I know I have so much more to go, but I know that in due time, I’m going to be my biggest fan.

I hope everyone, woman or man learns to accept how every single imperfection about them makes them absolutely exquisite.

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