New Artwork: Nomad

I suck so much, I know!
This piece titled “Nomad” has been sitting in my apartment, just staring at me I feel guilty every time I pass her.

Like any gypsy, she wants to travel the world and is looking for a new home. Can it be with you?
This mixed media 16 X 20 studio canvas was smothered in spray paint, and then given pink random brush strokes for the background. Whenever I do random prints like this, I’m always praying I don’t fuck up the actual piece, replicating the foreground will be extremely difficult. I think I did pretty damn good for myself.
Lately, I’ve been into almost anything that has a hint of “tribal”. Naturally, this Minxette needed a nose ring and arm bands. I didn’t want to overwhelm her with fabrics of any sort, so I settled for a simple feather, just floating in the wind.

If you’re interested interested in owning this piece, please be sure to email with the subject: Nomad

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