Q&A: Who was your last missed call from?

I have a book by the name of  Q & A.

It was actually on one of my Desirables list (see HERE) some time ago.

It asks you a different question everyday. I bought this book a little over a year ago and have never touched it. It’s a little too pretty for me to ruin it with my chicken scratch of a handwriting. It’s intent is for you to answer the questions everyday for 5 years, to see how much you have changed over time. I write my answers on little posts it, so I don’t ruin a good thing.

Today’s question was “Who was your last missed call from?”

My last missed call was actually from Christopher. He has his own ringtone, and every time I hear it I go bat shit crazy, like a school girl with a crush. I was actually wearing house slippers, which I never do at home, and was 2 seconds away from busting my ass. My floor is the enemy.

Of course, I ended up calling him back, I was a little too  busy cracking up by the time he picked up.

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