Juan Carlos & Rabsaris Say “I Do”

Weddings, what beautiful thing.

This was more of a dinner ceremony, and my Uncle Juan Carlos and his new bride Rabsaris have officially tied the knot. When it comes to my biological father’s side of the family, I’ll admit I’m a new comer. I barely know anybody so I still have a lot to learn.

The ceremony was being held upstate New York in Nyack in a cozy upstairs area in Black Bear Saloon. I enter, and I don’t know anyone. Bio Dad has decided to go grab a sandwich outside somewhere (and not bring me one) My new best friend Tim, the bartender was there for my rescue. He served me my first glass of Cabernet and I was feeling a bit more relaxed.
My grandfather walks to the bar and jokingly introduces me as his new girlfriend to a family friend, I chuckle because it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard him say as of yet.The exchange of ” I do’s” were short and sweet. They both looked so excited and just taken in with the moment.

Dinner was served, and the food was delicious. I would have gone straight for round two, but I was wearing a dress I was trying to stay “skinny” in. hahaha.

I spent  most of my time catching up with my gorgeous Titi Liza, catching up and her peer pressuring me into taking shots. I already had like 5 glasses of wine, thanks Tim!

I had two shots of Henny and we both begged Gino, my Bio dad into taking a shot with us, his choice..tequila.

Talk about taking it easy.

This was a merge of two beautiful families.

I’m so happy for them. Plus, I just gained my self another aunt.

I wish you guys the best of happiness.

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