Shopping with the Ro’s

My Uncle Juan Carlos from my Bio Dad’s side is getting married this weekend. Which means everyone is running around doing some last minute shopping. My Aunt Liza, was fussy and desperately wanted to be anywhere but here. She had a big test she needed to study for, and 2 days of her looking for a dress had her in the crankiest mood.

I haven’t seen my Tio and Titi in almost forever.

Sometimes I still find it funny, since we’re all around the same age, and I’m considered the niece, my uncle being a few years older than me, and my aunt being 3 years younger than me. hahaha..

When Liza asked me, “if you have a baby, what I would technically be called?” I started cracking up. I guess a 2nd aunt. Not that I’m planning on any of that anywhere near soon.As soon as I walked in to the store, the first dress I picked up was a cute little gold number with a jeweled neck line. I tried it on and called it a day. Pick number one, not bad Minxie.

Liza finally found a dress, and now it was time to hunt for food. Applebees was having a sale, so we decided to go big and then go home. I ordered the sirloin steak, with garlic parmesan shrimp. So good, except that I order my steak medium, and got well done.

First world problems.

It was a nice change spending time with the other half of my family. I’ll tell you this, they’re definitely funny and loud.  Cheers to more good times.

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