Billiards with the Brothers

My brothers are my world, even if I’m not the best at showing it sometimes. As soon as I got back from Atlanta, I hit my brother Kiki up, and he was down to have dinner. Here was the catch, he was picking me up on his bike.

O..M..G… I’ve never been on a motorcycle before, and knowing him, his soul screams “speed demon”. Always looking for that thrill. I wasn’t scared, more of a bit nervous. I trust my brother, I just don’t trust everyone else on the road.

I have the biggest road rage, yet I don’t even drive.

The ride was heart exhilarating, and it got a bit more intense once it started raining. I think I did pretty damn good for myself as a first time. Not that I did anything but hold on for dear life.

We decided to eat at home, and Kiki made me a drink, malibu, his are the best. My abuela is in town, and I offered her a cup, she liked it, and chugged it down… she didn’t know it had liquor until my mother walked in, and said to be careful, that we were trying to get her drunk. No never!

My little brother Jeremy finally got home from school and football practice, and even though it was as bit late, we wanted to go out, even if it was just for a little bit.

We arrived at the bowling alley, and since all of the lanes were packed, I was pretty happy with just playing pool for the night. That’s what I wanted to do in the first place anyway.

Jeremy has never played pool in his life. . . correction, in real life. He loves his video games. He was trying so hard to hold the cue stick. But you want to know something… he ended up winning after all!

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