I Couldn’t Care Less

You know, many people like to have opinions about my life. Knowing that all of my affairs are put out on the internet for all to see doesn’t help much either. Here’s the thing though, I couldn’t care any less.

I guess it’s my fault for being so driven to live my life to the fullest extent. I want to see the world, have many different experience, laugh a lot, and indulge my spare time in good food, better wine, and amazing people.

If you guys have been following me for some time now, the faces you see seem to get repetitive, I only surround myself with personalities who I feel are going somewhere in life, characters I can learn from, minds I can grow with.

I have been working since the age of 15 years old, my first job selling women shoes at a boutique, and I was pretty damn good at it. Don’t get me wrong, at the time, my parents did the duties a parent are supposed to do. Once I received mu first paycheck, I was only given the necessities of shelter, food and water, which I’m very well grateful for.

Everything else came out of my pocket, if I wanted to do anything, have something, wear something..it was all me.

At my age of 26 I still feel have my stubborn ways, yes. I’ll tell you this though, one thing I can say I have learned from life, is to treat others how they treat you.

I’m sure you guys are thinking, aaaah, sure, I’ve heard that a million times already. But here’s how I make this mine. I’ve always felt that yes, titles are important when it comes to society, but don’t think for a second your’e entitled to treat someone else like scum because you think you’re higher or privileged. Your stature means nothing to me. At the end of the day we’re all human. blood and bones, I don’t let anyone disrespect me.

I’ve had many instances in my life where I didn’t know how to stand up for myself, or even worse, ignored and just looked the other way. I know not every instance deserves to have my tongue unleashed, I feel I’m wise enough to know when to not care. I pick my battles.

Recently I had someone give me an opinion about how they thought I live my life, and surprisingly how I handle my money.

But did you read that correctly?


Listen, I have nothing to prove to you, or to anyone else. I know things may seem like life is all dandy, yes , I explore many places, eat amazing foods and love to travel, and granted I may not make a lot of money. In this economy, who does?

But I’ll tell you this, with all the jobs, that I’ve had, experiences, and mistakes I have made, I have learned to budget, save and make better decisions.

So here’s my final thought, enjoy my stories, that’s why they’re here. As for your opinions, you have a right to have them, and I have a right to tell you how stupid they are.

Later babes.

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