Spitzers and Max Fish

Pia’s back in town, which means one definite thing…it’s time to get together and catch up.

Our plans were to go eat at a tiny Greek spot in the Lower East Side, since the wait time was ridiculous, we headed to Spitzers, a favorite that we were all comfortable with. I happened to go with the classic burger, while Chris had a marinated steak, Pia went with a fancy grilled cheese, and Nikki joined me on her burger treat. Our waiter was complete hottie, who had to be reminded what our orders were a couple times, but who cared?

Pia and Nikki were ready to dance the night away, I was iffy about the situation, but was willing to show up anyway. Yeah, that notion went away pretty quickly after a couple of  beers. We arrived at Max Fish and the drinks kept piling up.

The music was pumping, and we were all bopping.

Hanging out with the girls, and Chris, hahaha is always a blast.

Until next time.

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