Platano Woods

It’s a gorgeous day, and a lazy one at that, at least that’s how it started. Ramon was in the city, and Chris tells me we have plans. Ramon and his woman Fitgi are already on their way, so we start getting dressed and picking up some breakfast. Coffee is always so good to me.

There happens to be driving range that always pass whenever I would go to Orchard Beach, never paid attention to it. Turtle Cove was nice. Everyone had a club in their hand, including a few small kids. I figured, if they could do it, so can I.

I’ve been to a hitting range once, some time ago (see that post HERE)… I sucked both times. hahaha. Fitgi looked like she had the perfect outfit for today, with her little golfing skirt, so cute. Ramon was in his “Platano Woods” moment. His play on a Dominican Tiger Woods, and Chris was doing pretty well for himself…. after a few bad hits.

Not that I should be talking smack. I felt like I couldn’t hit anything, I kept swinging but the golf all was still on the tee after. boooooo. I tried playing left handed, and for some reason, I felt like I had better control of the club.

What? That’s so weird. I’m definitely right handed, so I don’t know what that was all about. I actually hit a good FEW balls, so I was pretty satisfied with myself.

It’s time to eat, and of course we head to City Island, not because it’s so close, but shrimp and a piña colada would be soooo perfect right about now. Tony’s Pier is always the choice when we arrive at the end of the island. The drinks were ordered, the food was ready. We sat outside and talked shit about everything around us.

There were some cornballs on jet skis doing tricks and a whole bunch of sea gulls flying right above us. Ramon ended up hexing himself, because he ended up getting blessed  by some bird shit on his sleeve. hahahaha quien te manda!It was a nice relaxing day, and I don’t understand why I get so tired lately. I was ready to take a nice long nap. I think I’m getting old. At least my nap will be well redeemed for such a good day with better people.

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