New Artwork: “Xanthippe”

I started this piece some time ago, and just left it hanging in my room…unfinished, just staring at me with those evil eyes of hers.

This wooden panel was an experiment on my part, I wanted to dilute my acrylic paints and did so with water, and it worked out pretty great on her skin tone. On the next batch of red, I added a bit less of water, giving me the perfect hue to contour her cheek bones and nose.

What girl isn’t all about contour these days?

The split on top of the canvas was actually already there, which came to play when deciding on what to actual paint. Talk about making things work the way you want it to!\

This baby is for sale… even though I kind of don’t want to let her go. I named her after Socrates’s wife, Xanthippe. Such a gorgeous name, for such a furious spirit.

If you’re interested in this piece, please contact me at with the subject line: Xan

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