Soca for Suckers

I met up with Maryann, with what was supposed to be a night full of dancing. We were meeting Nikki earlier, and since she was running a bit late, we roamed the streets of Soho for some time. Our soca night was supposed to be at Madame X’s. A tiny lounge I remember going to maybe like 3 years ago. (See that post HERE) At least, I knew I was going to get lost finding the place. The place was dead, and no soca music was playing. boooo….

Maryann and I walked over to some lounge a couple of blocks over by the name of Falucka. The music was a little better than the last place and was actually almost getting me pumped up a bit, that is until the bitchiest bartender I’ve ever encountered made an appearance. Her personality was horrible and made it seem like everyone else but us was important. At her last attempt to “slide us over”  i was fed up and wanted to get out of there

The 2 guys who kept insisting we dance with them didn’t help either. It was time to head back anyway, Nikki was probably already waiting, and to be honest, I was getting cranky. We walked in to the 2nd floor of Madame X, back at it again, since it was our original point of meeting up. The music was finally right, but I felt like I walked into everyone grinding dicks and asses. Hey, I can dance, but or some reason, tonight I just wasn’t feeling it. Let alone the guys that were next to us, kept trying to talk to me, and kept touch my afro..something I hate strangers doing. I think I must have pushed his hand away from my head like 4 times. His friend was a bigger perv who insisted on dancing with anyone who said yes. His main target seemed to be Maryann, who he tried to bribe with a drink and she repeatedly declined.

Nikki finally arrived, I know she wanted to stay longer and wanted to dance. I felt bad because our vibes weren’t in the right place tonight. We stayed for about an hour more, but knowing that I was out and waiting since 10pm, I was ready to call it a night by 2am.

Maybe I’m getting older, maybe it was just a one time thing, but after a night like this, all I wanted to do was cuddle up at home with someone special, and after a long train ride, that’s exactly what I did. ♥

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