Mood Board No.10: Atlanta to the Rescue

My next mini adventure is coming right around the corner. Initially the plans were to spend three whole days in Atlanta, Georgia partying it up at the infamous “Tomorrow World” music festival. You know, kind of like what I did in Puerto Rico’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

Now I’m kind of thinking I rather just do one day instead and wander the city for a bit. Bathe in the scenery and take a new place in.

I’m at awe of the pictures online from their aquarium. You stand right under a huge arch, where you see all kinds of sea life just swimming above you. How pretty that must be in person. In Stone Mountain Park, you ride a tram that leads you to so much history.

Well, I guess we’ll see. There’s still some time left to discuss details. Either way, I know it’s going to be a great time!

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