Labor Day Weekend 2015

Everytime Chris mentions that Manny and his wife Vanessa have invited us over, I always put on a grin on my face. I joke around with many because his steaks are to die for!

This labor weekend was no different. A potluck dinner, and Chris and I came prepared with patellilos and beer. Whenever we come over it’s always the same people, you can tell everyone has been friends for years, which in due time came up in conversation, 31 years Manny has been friends with his homeboy, and now their kids will grow up together having the same future. Now that is adorable. The women were inside  most of the time with the babies, and as great as they are, I like to run away and hang out with the boys.

The conversations are more ridiculous and the beer comes non-stop.

Manny was grilling on his rooftop, the kids played soccer, I sipped on some Heineikens and tried Arguadiente for the first time. It’s a Colombian drink which happens to very sweet, it sneaks up on you in no time.

I was excited when the food was ready, oh man…it never fails. Everything was absolutely delicious!

So tell me guys, how was your Labor Day weekend?

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