Mood Board No.9 : Natural Layers

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One of the simplest things in the world that make me happy is the crisp fresh air in autumn. Layering is something that is  a mandatory staple for me once Autumn arrives, and even though we may have a few weeks of summer left, I’m already day dreaming about all of the outfits I’ll get to wear. Hell, if it was up to, it’ll be Fall all the time in NYC.

Ever since going blonde, and better yet, now that I’m a little bit older, it doesn’t fail to say that my style hasn’t changed over the years. I always used to have a “punkish” side of me, I still think I do sometimes. I’ve had boyfriends who always asked me why I wasn’t “girly” enough, and always used to dress like a tomboy.  Hey, I’ll still wear baggy jeans if I want to.

There’s just something about natural colors that I have fallen in love with. I don’t know if it’s the way it makes me look softer, or maybe the fact that getting dressed is such an “at ease” task to do now. Cool colors have been my go to. Browns, tans, grays, even soft powder blues have driven me obsessed.

So here it is, my Mood Board No.9, some jackets that I’v e fallen at lust with. Some of these may be to expensive for my taste wallet. That doesn’t mean I can’t admire from a far, and find a cheaper version of it somewhere else.

I’ll see you guys soon.

Can’t wait for September!

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