Two Hearted and Summer Love

It’s almost over guys. Summer has reached its peak and it’s all downhill to chilly world from here. Yesterday I felt the breeze and was actually excited. Autumn has to be my favorite season of them all. The summer is great yes, but nothing compares to the brisk open air and a nice jacket over a skirt.

I was at home, doing nothing, cleaning up and watching Girl Meets World (cutest show ever by the way) I knew I was going to see him after his work shift, but lost track of time. He walks in home and catches me in my underwear, with my legs all spread out over the couch. He laughs, and I jump up to give him his hello hug.

He’s in a great mood, I can feel it.

I turn off the t.v. and music starts blasting instead, beers are waiting in the fridge and I hop in to take a quick shower. Today we were going to do what we do best…burgers and beer.

Moo Burger hit it right on the spot, while looking over the menu, I noticed a burger by the name of “The Hangover” infused with bacon and fried egg. And interestingly enough, instead of beef, it was bison.

I’ve never had bison before!

I asked the waitress how was the taste and she smiled right away saying how good it was, tasted just like beef, just a bit drier and chewier. I was going to get it anyway, how could I refuse trying something new?

I’ve gotten Chris into wine, and he’s done his part getting me into craft beer, so when having burgers, beers is always a must. I’m more of a golden blonde pilsner drinker myself, while he usually orders an IPA that’s on the bitter side.

I went with “Victory Summer Love” and he chuckles at me, saying “of course you would order that”. I smirk right back, because he shouldn’t be talking, he orders the “2 hearted” and we start cracking up at how we’re probably the annoying couple that everyone hates to see. You know the kind you see in public that you hate to watch, and make you want to throw up with how cute they are, yuck.

I mean, we keep our affection of display in public to a minimum, but today was different. We were just oozing with happiness all over the place.

This summer was an interesting one. There was definitely more work involved than last year, more money to be saved and more bills to be paid. I really can’t complain though. I’ve had a few mini vacations, seen new things, tasted new foods and all in great company.

How has your summer been so far?

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