The day I’ve been waiting and prepping for has finally arrived.

The show technically starts at 5pm, but knowing me, I was still painting and touching up some last minute works.

Jonathan (Horatiog14) has been at I.M.A.G.E. Gallery since about 12pm, just prepping and hanging all the pieces up. I arrive at around 3pm, with my legs covered in paint. I align the ways I want my pieces to be shown, and rushed out the door to get ready. Luckily for me, I don’t live too far.As soon as I get back, I already recognize familiar faces, Tanya and Richie are already roaming the room looking at the pieces from my myself and the other artists. They have definitely out done themselves. What I found interesting and what seems to work is this.. not one of us (6 artists in total) didn’t know what the other was presenting, or how many pieces at that. We kind of all showed up and just made it work.

So us artists got to be surprised as well!We had two newbies presenting their work for the first time ever. Asgotherobot and Yoki . Both lovely ladies. I actually have been instagram friends with asgotherobot for some time now, and never had the chance to meet until this night.

Tiny worlds right?This was actually the first show that my brother Kiki and my sister Julissa have attended, so I was so happy I got their support, especially all the way in Brooklyn! My brother rode his new bike down and my sister showed up with her beau looking fancy as ever  RTMorgan killed it, one of my favorites had to be the one who’s eyes reminded me of Magneto from X-men. Can you tell which one I’m talking about?Can I express how much I adooooored Sarle Jeffries?

Not only is she talented, because hello, you can see that for yourself, but she was the sweetest thing ever!

We kept bouncing off of each other the whole night, I would introduce her to people, and she would be running after me 2 minutes later with someone for me to meet. Talk about networking and vibing off the right way.
My girls from work also came to support and show me some love, something I was super grateful for. We were all over the open bar together. Wine all night babies!I kept running around like crazy the whole night, and I swear it was worth it every second. I’ll admit, it was pretty damn hot inside that gallery, even though the air conditioner was on, the amount of people that showed up made it harder it feel.

I’m not complaining about the outcome one bit! I’m so grateful for everyone who came out to support us doing what we love to the most, express ourselves!
I’m so glad Jonathan went out of his way to organize this night for all of us.

We got to meet so many wonderful people, and even different artists who love to participate in other artsy functions. I also have to thank Ashley, who played the part of my paparazzi the whole night. Girl, you know how annoying I can be when it comes to documenting my day.. you rocked it. Thank you!When the night was over, it was right at 12am, and I of course had to throw a little after at my house. I had sangria ready and some snacks to munch on, The music was loud and the hookah was on.

Everyone started to dance and get real crazy.

I loved it!A big thank you to all who showed loved.

And an EVEN BIGGER thank you to those who purchased pieces. You my dears are truly appreciated in every single way possible. Materials don’t pay for themselves, bills need to get paid, and without you, people like me couldn’t pursue their passions. I am very grateful for you.  For those of you who missed the show, I’m pretty sure something new will be coming soon.

and for those who really regretted missing the show, the pieces that were displayed (on my part at least) are still up for sale, and will actually be discounted!

So please stay tuned for further details and better photographs of the pieces.

If you see something on my wall from these pics and want to claim it right away please email me at 2minxinx@gmail.com

I’ll be waiting!
A huge thank you to all who attended, and an even bigger thank you to all patrons who purchased pieces. 

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