August 2015 Wants

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My hair is finally growing! I guess taking all of those biotin and coconut pills have been working. I stopped shampooing and stick to only conditioning.. I feel like it’s working. Hopefully, my hair would get even longer and healthier in no time. I want my locks to resemble almost the one in the girl’s above. Here’s to good hoping~

I also need to invest in new acrylic paints and brushes. I feel like all of my supplies are so old and have been used to their fullest extent. Someone get me a gift card to Michael’s, so I can go go crazy and grab one of each on the shelves!

But wait….. ugh, let me tell you how obsessed I have been about getting this camera. I know I know, you guys must be sick of me always wishing to get new equipment. But the one I was dreaming for since forever, I purchased, and it sucked so much ass. The quality was horrible and I ended up returning it the next day. I figured it would’ve been an everyday and everything camera, underwater, compact, great quality, video recording… and sure it had those functions, but the quality was horrible.

Gold, gold, gold, gold everything. Ever since going blonde, if it’s not gold, I don’t want it. i even switched out my sterling silver septum piercing for a gold one. Plus, with this tan I’ve been sporting lately, I’ve been digging my bronze look.

Sony A6000 has been getting great reviews. Professional photographers who religeously use their Nikons and Canons have  been making the switch to this compact sized camera. I want you so bad!

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