Brighton Beach Bums

Another one of those days that only the beach could help you recover from. It looked like it was going to rain, but the sun was making an appearance.

It was Cara’s birthday, one of Chris’s friends, and she was in the mood to soak up some rays with her friends. I invited Ashley to join me, in case I wanted to wander off and just let them be.  Finding parking was a bitch, but about an hour later, the sand on our toes was an instant relief.

Of course we snuck some beers, hiding from the beach police..well worth it.

I decided I did want to wander, and i just sat by the shore watching the waves go back and forth. As soon it hit 6pm the lifeguards were off duty, and I found  my new spot to sit in. I climbed on top of their stands and watched the sun set..absolutely beautiful.

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