Tim Wicked Live at Mercury Lounge with Special Guests

Tim Wicked was performing at Mercury Lounge, and Chris never fails to show him support, especially since they’ve been friends for so long. This is actually the second time I got the chance to see him perform, and I guess he keeps getting better as he goes. The night started off with special appearances from John Pizza, FerrisWheelJ and Shyvonne.

All talented musicians, rappers, singers and poets.

The crowd seemed pretty shy at first, tapping their feet along to the beat, but it didn’t take long for them to start moving their hips as well.

All the songs were pretty catchy, but if I had to pick up some favorites, FerrisWheelJ’s “Retail” hit it right on the money,and of course the catchiest beat and lyrics of them all, Tim WIcked’s “Understand”. Once Tim got on stage the crowd immediately woke up, cheering and bouncing about. His moves on stage have a quirky sexual feel to them, and when he jumped out of the stage and threw himself on the floor, that was definitely a crowd pleaser. Even though he performed a good number of songs, I know everyone was wanting more. I of course, was all of the place with my camera in hand, something I’m never shy about. We got to catch up with some friends really quickly and enjoyed our night filled with new music.

Why don’t you see for yourselves, don’t forget to turn your volume up!

In case you guys haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of these performers live, please feel free to roam on some links below. I wish you all the best of success.

Shyvonne  | Instagram |  Soundcloud  |

John Pizza  | Twitter  |  Bandcamp  |  Instagram |

Ferris Wheel J |  Instagram  |  Youtube  |  iTunes  |  Facebook  |

Tim Wicked  |  Soundcloud   |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  iTunes  |

all images and video have been captured and edited by 2minxinx

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