Stupid Queasy Girl

I think I may have taken one too many vitamins. I’m so nauseous, and I feel like I’m going to throw up…again.

Ew, taking vitamins is such a grown up thing to do anyway!

On a brighter note, today I woke up in the greatest mood. I spent the night with my guy, just painting away and watching ratchet TV. Someone was a little excited that I “sneakily” added in a pet name that call him, on to one of my paintings. Something I have never done with anyone I was dating before.

Yesterday was great, simple, and just blunt truths… something I pride myself in doing. I know it can get annoying, especially because when I start talking, there’s no shutting me up… even more so, when I think I have a valid point.

Ugh, just shut up M!

ooooh, oooh. oooooh, let’s talk about impulse buys. Let me explain. so Chris received a message from Ramon, about some deal to go to Paris, and my jaw just dropped when I heard that price. It didn’t take long for us to invite ourselves… so, guess who’s going to Paris soon?

Boom, baby!

I am!

I have never stepped foot outside of the United States (Dominican Republic doesn’t count, that’s like my backyard man) let alone in Europe…. Woooop Woooop I’m so excited.

Chris and I got a late start for this summer, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to end it with a bang, we have a few trips coming up, and we have some prepping to do. First stop will be Atlantic City in like 2 weeks. Hey, it’s no Paris, but I’ve never been, and I’m looking forward to making new memories. What I’m not looking forward to is losing all of my money, because let’s face it, I suck at gambling. I might sit at the black jack tables because I know damn well, my poker skills are equivalent to what flushes down the toilet. Shit!

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