Releasing the Funk

Time to get out of this Funk.

Yesterday, I felt like I had the soul sucked out of me. I think I probably smiled twice, once at an old lady on the metro and the other when my bio-dad suggested I go get myself some wine to feel better. Hey, sometimes I’m not that difficult to figure out, let alone make happy.

This feeling sucks, my whole vibe was off and I’m usually a happy camper. I know I have a lot going on, but that usually doesn’t stop me from moving forward. When I got home from work yesterday, I plopped myself on my couch (which sucks you in by the way) grabbed a bowl of Captain Crunch and  ran a marathon full of lovey dubby chick flicks. I don’t know what’s hot wired into girls  brains that just makes us suckers for that kind of stuff. Maybe because in real life a man won’t claim his undying love for you. Do something completely out of the ordinary to make you feel special,  to just give you all those witty and charming remarks which lead to butterflies and daydreaming good times. Those are just movies right? (insert annoyed face here)

Well, as much as I told myself I was going to spend the rest of my  night painting, I lied… I didn’t even pick up a paintbrush once, In all honesty, I started at the plant holder in which I store them in for a little while, and in my head I was just like “naaaaaah

I have officially made plans to spend with girl friends, something that I think is much needed. My guy calls me, and asks me if I’m alright, I don’t sound like I want to talk. Eh, I guess I’m just in one of those moods. He asks me  what I’m up to, and I respond “watching chick flicks”

“STILL!? ” he says?

I chuckle, because, what the hell is wrong with that?

I think I’m gonna head to the pool, and just soak in some sun, get out of the house today, but for now I’m pretty eager for my girls nights to begin. Sometimes you just need to act a little crazy while sipping on some wine and just vent. I can’t wait.

Today will be a better day, I can feel it.. and if it’s not, I’m going to make it a better one.

And, Oh, I’m definitely going to force myself to paint today, get those juices flowing.

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