Fancy Ai Fiori

The big 30!

I think that’s a number so many of us “young folks” are scared to reach. It’s a milestone where the days of doing dumb shit is over.

Chris’s brother Marc has just hit the double digit with the big three in front of it.  I know I’m like 4 years away from it, but better him than me..haha.. I’m horrible,

Marc is the sweetest of the bunch, so for his special day, Millie (their mom) wanted to go all out and splurge on her first  born, and that she did. When we arrived at Ai Fiori, I already knew we were in for a treat. The place was stunning, everything and everyone was polite, attentive, and may I say, very reserved.

Millie was looking fabulous in her pink dress and her brand new hair color (that I dyed earlier that day), Marc was looking super spiffy with grey blazer, and Chris was looking pretty dapper himself. The menu looked exquisite and everything tasted even better. Millie ordered the lobster soup, Chris went with a prime dry aged strip loin, I went with a lobster from Nova Scotia poached in butter and the birthday boy went with the Tortelli, a ricotta & mascarpone ravioli. Yum!

Those were the main dishes, but don’t think we weren’t spoiled for the night. Marc, being amazing as he is and through all of his travels, was being served gold. (literally, when it came to the dessert that had gold shavings)  by the Sous chef, Russell Ashton , a friend. Everything was absolutely delicious!

When we first arrived, Marc was greeted and surprised by a bottle of champagne, brought to the table, purchased by his lovely and beautiful girlfriend Karli, who wasn’t able to  make it.  They’re so freaking cute together, I can’t take it!

Dinner was amazing, and after the night was over, I don’t think anyone had any space left for anything.

Happy Birthday Marc, may all of your future wishes come true, wish you the best always!

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