A Little Swim with Some Sparkle

I think I’ve been annoying Chris’s ear off, with the many times I have asked him what the hell were we doing for the Fourth of July. i always have plans and this year it seemed to rolled around way too quickly. Hey, if you ask me this whole summer feels as if it’s already over and I haven’t done anything about it.

We woke up late, it was our day off and we really didn’t feel like doing anything, but knew we wanted to do something…does that make sense?

I called up my little brother Jeremy, and he was dropped off immediateness. Millie kept picking on me, that out of all days, this one that happened to be drizzling, was the day I insisted on going to the pool.

Well, it was that  or nothing, and we we were all playing it ear by ear.Can I exaggerate, how much I really hate wearing two piece swimsuits?

I bought this piece, and figured why not…. I always felt like I didn’t have the body type for it, and I’ll be honest, I’m still pretty self conscious, but I decided to say “fuck it!”  and went for it anyway.

Jeremy was the first one in the pool, and the first one to push in Chris as well!

I got “in trouble” by one of the lifeguards because he insisted on enforcing the “no photography” rule….eh.. I hate that rule. I tried to sneak in some clicks anyway.

Upon leaving, Millie, Chris’s mom and Arlene, his cousin, decided to be slick and attempted… I mean they REALLY TRIED to push me in the pool!

What!!!! How dare they!?

They failed, because I was little too quick on my feet.
When we got back, the neighborhood had gotten together to throw a BBQ. Everyone arrived with something, may it be beer, burgers or any kind of food. I loved it. I thought it was so  nice how everyone was united as a community. I’m telling you, the whole block was together, laughing, playing basketball, and blasting music.

Annie, Chris’s aunt, was busy on the grill since the morning time, she was getting busy,and those burgers…yum.We dropped Jeremy off and decided to hang out at my parent’s for a quick beer and some catch up. I didn’t want to stay too long, especially since it was starting to get dark and that only means one thing….

the fireworks were about to begin!

I thought I was hearing gunshots all night long…. hahaha.

It was loud and for the ones that I did get to see, beautiful.

All of the youngings from the neighborhood were running around all excited.

(I have to call teenagers youngings now, since I’m getting so damn old!) Even though i didn’t really start off with any plans, today was pretty damn good. I ate good food, swam (barely, I can’t swim), saw pretty colors in the sky and spend the day with loved ones.

Sounds like a pretty good Fourth of July to me…

How was yours, what did you get to do?

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