Makeup Free, Gym Overload

It was a day like any other else, I was rushing, thinking I had all the time in the world. Little did I know, I had forgotten my makeup in my guy’s car. Ugh, great!  That first day for me was torture, how was I going to hide the bag under my eyes, the insecurities on my neck,  the sparse hairs on my eyebrows.

I’m sure you guys are already thinking, why don’t you have an extra set you keep at home and another make-up bag for travel? Eh, for what really?  Makeup expires quite quickly and I really don’t feel the need to duplicate my favorite items. I do have some random  eyeliners and lipstick that I almost never touch, but if you’re a girl, you know you have your routine pretty damn pact in the mornings.

I figured one day without paint on my face wouldn’t kill me. I went to work, feeling insecure, and not in the greatest mood. i carried on my day, and promised myself I would stop by Chris’s house to pick up my stash.

Next thing I know Day 3 was rolling around and I failed to do so. Not to mention, that he and I have picked up the great habit of going to the gym together. I absolutely love it. Not only do we get to burn off all the beers and burgers we’re always stuffing down our faces, but it’s something we can do together as a team.

I’ll admit, we both have different strategies going in, he’s more in his “bulking” mode, while I’m just not necessarily wanting to lose weight,  but just tone. Food is one of the best things in life, and I will never deprive my taste buds of such beauty. Having someone to motivate you is amazing.

The first two days, we were as sore as ever. Seems like we’re both on different schedules too, so when I’m sore on my legs, he’s sore on his arms. Guess who’s reaching for the shelf on top? And guess, who’s picking up whatever drops on the floor by mistake? We’ve been taking turns and it just works.

I’ve been having all this energy lately and it feels amazing. I caught myself taking the long stairs on the train stations instead of the lazy escalators. I’ve been showing up to work, music blasting in my ears and myself dancing saying hi to the girls, and not to mention…my skin looks amazing!

Here’s to hoping we keep it up, because I absolutely love it!

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