Mood Board No.8: California Love

Ugh..You guys have no idea how hard I have been saving!

If all goes according to plan, I’ll finally be making my way to the West Coast for the first time.

There’s so much I want to see, experience and just soak in.

Work for me has been dreadful lately, i know I’m good at what I do, but it just doesn’t seem like I’m being compensated the way that I should be, maybe it’s time to start looking elsewhere. Maybe, I should just suck it up for the summer, and wait till the fall, maybe, start fresh….

so many ” maybes”. The only thing I do know for sure is, that being an adult gets tiring sometimes, especially when you come home and all you see is bills piling up.

This vacation is much needed, and at a merely only 26 years young, this is the time when I should be a bit reckless and explore different places…right? (that’s me convincing myself to be a bit irresponsible)

Until further notice, I’ll be here, punching in and out, budgeting my life… when all i really want to do is have one of those In and Out Burgers…yummy!

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