A Little Zoo and Some Lobster

Last time I went to The Central Park Zoo, I must have been in pigtails on a school trip. My original plan was, leave work and head down there to  meet Chris. Little did I forget that I didn’t get out of work as early I was intending to. The tickets were already purchased and next thing I know I was rushing and cursing out the MTA system. When I finally met up with Christopher he was itching for milkshake, which we shared, and headed inside the zoo.

Oh, man, I was so upset! We walked in there with only about 15 minutes to spare, all the employees were starting to close up and event though we rushed, almost all of the animals were gone, probably sent to the back somewhere. We mostly saw some penguins, a seal and a cute little fox. Boooooo….

I wasn’t gonna let that spoil my day though, we were starving. Burgers and beers is usually a go to when it comes to our diet (so much a diet, right!?) We tried to find something around the area when Chris noticed a huge sign of a place that looked pretty interesting on West 19th Street.

Burger and Lobser it was. The menu is straight to the point, you get three options, lobster roll, a burger or a whole lobster,any which come with a salad and fries. Chris ordered his burger while I was ready to get cracking on the this lobster. I’m so bad at it, let  me mention! I think i was doing pretty good in the beginning, but when it came to claws I needed some extra assistance. Good thing i had the perfect guy to help me.

Let me tell you, that lobster was delicious!

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