Jeremy’s 15th Birthday BBQ

My little brother Jeremy is 15 now, Geezus, where does the time go?

I remember when he first popped out, he has these little blonde Justin Timberlake curls and a killer smile. Now he’s all grown up and rather spend his time indoors playing video games. I love all of my brothers and sister, but let’s be honest, Jeremy is the glue to it all. When it has anything to do with him, we all immediately get together, no questions asked.

That was the case for this birthday BBQ. Burgers and beers were passed around, merengue was playing in the background, the backyard was full of friends, family an neighbors, the sun was beaming, and all of us were just catching up.

The boys, as boys usually are, were all excited about my brother Kiki’s new toy, his motorcycle. Everyone wanted a spin. And just as boys do, they always have to try to find the next adventure. Jeremy and Kiki climbed on top of our neighbor’s garage rood, just because. Watching them struggle to get on top was hilarious. 

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