Never Made Its 20

It’s been a little while since I have posted a “Never Made its”. those are usually the random pictures that never make it to a post of their own. Usually it’s a lot of selfies, or things I happen to just snap away while on my phone. Check out Number 20. I started numbering these babies, since I noticed I had so many of them.

This month has been a little hectic at work, especially since we’ve had no management for our team. I love how much more hours I’m getting, but the work load has increased. I’m not complaining much, I;m just glad I have somewhere to go every morning and my rent is being paid on time.

Now that the weather has been getting warmer, it’s time to bring out the running gear. I purchased some baby blue Roshes from Nike, and they are the most comfortable things ever. I’ve been jogging at  a park near Chris’s house in the morning, I only wish I could run at night instead. I love running when it’s pitch black, you get a sense of freedom and fresh crisp air. I’m not completely comfortable in that area yet, so those night runs might not be happening soon.

Life has been spoiling with so many beautiful flowers lately. I was never one to go crazy for flowers, especially when men give them to women. Let me explain that notion. I like when I’m given flowers and I’m already home and I can put them straight into the vase…I hate carrying them when I’m walking around in the street, it seems like such a burden.

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