Millie’s Mother’s Day at Spa Castle

Ashley and I, being the amazing girlfriends to her sons that we are, planned a day to spoil Millie. We discussed on sending her to the spa, gave her a date and told her to get ready to be kidnapped. She kept asking what we were doing, but no clues were given. When the big day arrived, everyone was struggling looking for a decent bathing suit. I on the hand had one ready, but I was a little paranoid on putting it on.

I haven’t worn a two piece in almost forever, I’ve always been self conscious. This time, I decided to face my fears and just do it. Ashley kept assuring me I had nothing to worry about, but still…

When we arrived, I was excited to get into the saunas, Millie was excited about her massage appointment, and Ashley was just relieved we finally go there. The guys, Chris and Matthew had splurged on a Mother’s Day massage, when we arrived we found it was more of a reservation than an actual booking. So when we arrived to her appointment right on time, we figured we dropped it, since we were highly inconvenienced. Luckily for us, the employees were super nice and explained that they had a new system being put in place, so we were happy to hear that we got to walk away without paying a cancellation fee, as told we had to pay on their website.

We headed to the saunas and since I already knew the layout of the place, I mentioned how each sauna was a little different than the others, one benefiting your body in one way. Ashley and I were more excited for the heat, at this point Millie just wanted to jump into the hot tub.

Ashley and I were headed into our last sauna when Millie kind of just ditched us, pushing Ashley inside. We stayed for 2 minutes, thinking she would be outside waiting for us, when we got out she was nowhere to be found.

We decided to go upstairs and stripped down. soaking in the pool. I felt so naked!

Hanging out with Ashley and us cracking jokes was the best.

When we made it to the outside jet pool area we walked up and down trying to find her, nothing. We gave in and just decided to hang out, enjoying the water massages, next thing we know we see Millie walking slurping on a shake like it’s nobody’s business. Ash and I just look at each other like “wtf?” and started screaming out her name. We start cracking up saying how she ditched us and she’s just denying it all.

it was a nice girly relaxing day, something that was much needed for all of us.

Happy Mother’s Day Millie!

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