Hair Journey

Lately I’ve been rocking my curls natural. Something that I haven’t done since I was 15 years old. Though my color may not be natural, the texture sure is. Having my kinks so short seems to be a hassle for me, since I love long locks and sometimes I get self conscious about it, many times not feeling pretty enough.

When I have my hair all out and curly, I always tend to get the  most compliments and I start to realize that maybe others see the best that maybe I don’t at the moment. I walk down the street and I have ladies constantly stopping me to say how beautiful my hair is. Most of them, I’ll be honest are latinas or african american women, which doesn’t bother me one bit. White women usually tend to look at me all confused.

Men, same surprisingly. I get cat called up and down the street, and I always find myself smirking, just say thank you and continue about my business.

Every since I’ve been on my natural curly hair journey, the people that do already know me either love it, or hate it. Either way, I shrug it off because it’s not  about them. My hair has gone through so much in it’s life time. From getting pulled and hit with brushes when I was kid (my mother and aunt said I never stayed still) always having braids and looking like a dork as a little girl, finally getting my own hair to myself and then messing it up.( I had a huge knot and didn’t know how to deal with it so I grabbed scissors and started chopping, my mother cried) to wearing buns everyday in junior highschool, to getting my first highlights when I was 15, then my first real dye job a little after (I went blonde), to dying it all the colors I thought possible, purple, green, red, ( I used to get bored so quickly) which led to a alot of damage, more scissors got involved and now I’m just sick and tired of it all.

My mother used to tell me “Un dia te vas a quedar calva” “One of these days you’re going to end up bald”.

I would just shrug it off and say my love of wigs will take over instead.

I tell myself I’m going to stop dying my hair but I think I’m addicted.

It may be short for the moment, but in time the length that I want will finally catch up to me. I’ve been using coconut oil like crazy, castor oil for hair growth, rosemary oil, deep conditioners, everything. I’ve even  stopped using shampoos and only straight up conditioners. My hair has actually regained strength. Now I just need the length to catch up. At this moment, I really just want my hair to be healthy and I couldn’t be happier.

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