Double Date at the Bronx Brewery

It was a beautiful day with so much to do. I had so much planned in my head, and so did Chris. Seems like we both had to come to a compromise and just stick with it. In case you guys haven’t noticed, Chris is very into beer. Craft beer to be precise. So the more he kept ranting about the New Outdoor backyard for The Bronx Brewery that was opening today… I knew I had to give in.I’m more of red wine kind of girl, but I’ve been holding on my own when it comes to these beers. I already know what my preferences will be if it came down to it. I like the blondes, the Germans and almost anything summertime. Chris on the other hand is a sucker for a good IPA,which usually tend to be darker, bitter and leave you with an after taste. They’re not bad at all, but if I had to pick….you guessed it. Today was the perfect day to go on a double date with his parents. Millie was excited to get out of the house, while Frankie was just plain old excited because there was going to be beer involved, I mean, he had the shirt to prove it!When we walked in, we were greeting with a walkway that shows you the machines, the barrels, almost everything to sow off how the beer is made. This is a brewery after all people. We headed towards the back where the sun was beaming, everyone was playing cornhole, an empanada truck was catering, and a musician by the name of Bryce Larsen was killing it with his take on cover songs.Frankie and I were jammin to the music, singing a little way too loud than we were supposed to. But who cares, it was fun!

I’ll see you guys soon.

Ps. I’m adding some links below…go click on a few.

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