Desirables: May 2015 Wants

I want my new camera so bad! Whaaaaaah! God, I’m not the greediest person in world, but when I have my mind set on something that’s the only thing I think about. Dedication at it’s finest. This Canon Rebel T6S needs to appear in my purse, like yesterday.

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been into pinks and yellows, and surprisingly I’ve even paired the two together. At first I felt like a Power Ranger, but after I got over it, I felt super cute and these bright colors just ended up brightening up my mood instead.

This whole month I’ve been on the hunt for some cute wedges that I can wear to work and still look cute. Ha, I find nothing. Everything I fall in love with is overpriced, and whatever is in my budget is ugly. The struggle.

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