Erol’s Margarita

Omg, omg, omg…

I haven’t seen Erol in years! Erol and I used to work together about 5 years ago. Whenever I wanted to someone to talk and act silly with, he was it. Now we’re all grown up and have busy schedules, paying bills and such. Ugh, adulthood.

We decide to meet up at Calico Jack’s, a spot we used to go to during our working days together, since it was Sunday, the place was D.E.A.D.

I mean, there was only one soul in the place, and he worked there. When coming in I even had to ask if the place was open. The special was Margaritas, and I wasn’t complaining one bit. I ordered a frozen one and Erol insisted on getting 3 at the same time. the bartender looked at him like he was crazy. ummm…you sure? It’s going to melt, you’re not going to be able to finish them that fast. He said he was sure, the bartender only brought one out anyway, which was fitting because it was huge!

We started catching up on everything that’s been going on with us, which was mostly relationship stuff, because let’s face it, that’s where the juicy stuff is.

He asked me what happened with my ex-fiance, I asked him whatever happened with that girl he used to be upset with. lol

Mostly, we talked about how much we have grown as people, and how it’s crazy how somethings just happen without you realizing it. Hanging out with Erol always gets me in a great mood, and this time, he better not go years without seeing me again…or I’ll beat him up.

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