Barclays with the Ladies

I have never been  crankier. Today I filled with huffing and teeth sucking. I was not in the mood to do anything or be surrounded by anyone. And no, I wasn’t pms’ing.

Damaris had scored all of us tickets to The Nets and Chicago Bull’s game. Nedra was off and was trooping it all the way from The Bronx, Shalonda had just arrived from Puerto Rico (she was celebrating her birthday), Siobhan had just left work and was meeting us there, Damaris had just clocked out and since I was closing, everyone was just gonna wait on me to arrive at The Barclay Center.

I kept telling Damaris all I wanted to do was just go home, i wasn’t going to be any fun company, so why ruin everyone’s good time?

She guilted me into it, now I’m glad she did, at the moment I just want to kick some rocks.

I arrived at the 2nd quarter since my desk was stacked with paperwork for me to do, at least the girls understood that.

When I arrived they were all so happy to see me, so I instantly smiled, feeling a bit better.

Shalonda and Nedra are hilarious when cheering…goodness,, I never want to be the one they’re rooting against. Some guys in front of us kept laughing and replying back to their rants. By the end of the night, I was too busy having fun and didnt even notice my crankiness was gone. Maybe sometimes all you need is to act a little silly to make you feel better.